How to get Hydra and Apartment Achilleas

Hydra is only a short trip away from the capital of Athens by boat and it constitutes a top choice for the perfect getaway. It is the most suitable choice for those of you who are seeking to be conveyed at its deep blue seas within a mere hour and a half and for those among you who need a tranquil break from the hectic city lifestyle.

The island of Hydra will truly become your source of inspiration through quality moments, eclectic entertainment and, above all, through its artistic streak. To access the island you may catch the flying dolphin from the port of Piraeus (1 ½ hour trip) or you may drive your way there via the Athens – Epidaurus road (2 ½ hour drive). If you choose to access the island by car, follow the signs to Poros and Spetses islands until you reach the area of Metohi.

This is the narrowest crossing to Hydra Island from the Peloponnesian peninsula and where you can leave your car at the modern parking lot before you cross over.

The Pension Achilleas is located in the center of Hydra, hidden in one of the most beautiful streets of the island, in a quiet area and is abstain just 3 minutes from the picturesque port of Hydra.